The specialist in sustainable real asset investments

Assets under management are £825 million, encompassing 77,000 hectares of forestry and 127MW in renewable energy generating assets. Clients include unlisted funds, high net worth individuals, family offices and institutions.

UK forestry and renewable energy are proven asset classes for both institutional and private investors. They are 100% asset backed, providing low risk returns with long term capital appreciation (forestry) or annuity style income (renewable energy).


UK Forestry is an excellent portfolio diversifier, as it is uncorrelated to listed bonds and equities. Highly competitive returns have been generated and with timber prices forecast to rise, continued strong performance is expected. It provides significant tax advantages.



UK Wind and Solar are attractive investments for investors seeking security on cash flow. With circa 50% of the revenues fixed for 20 years, backed by the UK Government and index-linked to RPI, these assets provide inflation hedge. Over the long term, power prices are expected to rise, so with an asset life of 25 years these investments are well placed to benefit from this growth.


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