With Christmas not far away, our thoughts naturally turn to trees amongst other things

28 Nov 2016

With Christmas not far away, our thoughts naturally turn to trees amongst other things. Neil Martin speaks to Anthony Crosbie Dawson, an investment manager at FIM Services who likes to think he can see the wood from the trees. So is now a good time to invest in timber?

Forestry News

British Sawn Timber Market Buoyed by Brexit Decision

23 Nov 2016

The British sawn timber market has been buoyed by the Brexit decision, with British sawmills running at full capacity in the final quarter of 2016. The increased competitiveness of UK sawmills has resulted in an increased number of bids and higher prices paid for recent FIM timber sales. This has yet to be reflected in plantation values, signalling a buying opportunity.

Forestry News

Brexit favours forestry

11 Nov 2016

BREXIT will break down 'silo thinking' on land use in Britain – and that could mean more of the post-CAP rural budget going to encourage tree planting.

New pier in Argyll will benefit local forests and increase timber shipping capacity

3 Nov 2016

A new pier in Argyll will benefit local forests and increase timber shipping capacity by an estimated 250,000 tonnes over the next 10 years.

Renewables News

Three quarters of British public support onshore wind (and even more solar)

1 Nov 2016

A new poll published today revealed that the vast majority of the British public (83%) supports solar farms and almost three-quarters (73 %) is in favour of onshore wind.

Renewables News

Solar and wind surge sees renewable power capacity overtake coal’s: IEA report

27 Oct 2016

Global renewable electricity capacity has overtaken coal to become the world’s largest installed power source for the first time, after a record-breaking year in which half a million solar panels were installed every day.

Forestry News

New timber pier could be worth £10million to Argyll

24 Oct 2016

New timber pier could be worth £10million to Argyll

Renewables News

Solar outstrips coal in past six months of UK electricity generation

10 Oct 2016

Electricity generated by solar panels on fields and homes outstripped Britain’s ageing coal power stations over the past six months in a historic first.

21 Storey timber tower to be built in Amsterdam

19 Sep 2016

A 21 Storey timber tower is to be built in Amsterdam, using cross-laminated timber (CLY). A 984-foot timber tower, designed by the University of Cambridge, is also planned for London.

Forestry News

BSW Timber announces investment programme for Newbridge-on-Wye sawmill

2 Sep 2016

BSW Timber has revealed plans for a multi-million pound investment programme in its sawmill in Newbridge-on-Wye, Powys. This is the next phase of BSW’s GBP 4 million ($5.3 million) investment programme for the mill which started in 2013 - and the current investment phase is set to double existing production capacity.

Renewables News

JP Morgan ups solar stakes

1 Sep 2016

JP Morgan Asset Management said investors it advises have acquired the outstanding shares in solar power producer Sonnedix Group, which has a total operating capacity of 353MW.

Forestry News

New Consultation is Major Opportunity for Scottish Forestry

31 Aug 2016

A Consultation on forestry in Scotland is a “once-in-a-generation opportunity” to secure the future of a successful £1 billion industry, according to leading trade body Confor.

Renewables News

Scots target onshore costs - Report outlines ways to achieve savings of more than £150m

17 Aug 2016

Scotland’s next generation of onshore wind farms could be at least 20% cheaper if the Scottish and UK governments work with industry and regulators to remove barriers, according to Scottish Renewables. In a study, released today, Scottish Renewables said industry could cut onshore wind costs by more than £150m a year by making a series of changes.

UK Imported Wood Increasingly Expensive

16 Aug 2016

UK home grown timber is becoming more competitive against imported wood, due to the decrease in the strength of sterling in the wake of the EU referendum. With the European Organisation of the Sawmilling Industry (EOS) anticipating a 2.2% increase in the consumption of softwood lumber in the UK compared to 2015, UK timber growers have a captive market as the UK still imports around 80% of its wood needs.

Renewables News

Scotland produces more wind energy than it needs.

14 Aug 2016

As wind speeds hit 115 mph on the top of the Cairngorms on the first Sunday of August, Scotland’s windfarms produced more electricity than the country needed for the first time on record.

Renewables News

Could Brexit Benefit the UK's Onshore Wind Industry?

27 Jul 2016

In the wake of the referendum on the 23rd June, at which the people of the United Kingdom elected to leave the European Union, there has been much speculation about the negative aspects of the split. With the economy plummeting immediately and the government in disarray, it’s been hard to see a way out of the mire we currently find ourselves in. - See more at: