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Record Breaking High Rise Wooden Buildings

28 Feb 2017

Records are falling fast in the world of wooden high-rise buildings.

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Mackinnon Report On Tree Planting In Scotland

21 Feb 2017

Annual conifer-tree planting (the main commercial crop on which the timber industry depends) fell around four-fold in the decade since its high in the mid-1980s, and has fallen further since. Despite that there has been heavy investment in the sector and it is now lauded as modern, innovative and extremely important to the country in terms of job creation, but also for the economic, social and environmental benefits that forests provide.

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Brexit Opportunity For Scottish Forestry

21 Feb 2017

EUROPE'S Common Agricultural Policy "shut forestry out" of UK rural policy thinking for decades – but Brexit offers a "once-in-a-lifetime" chance to direct more support towards tree-planting.

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Growing Demand For Timber In UK Construction

17 Feb 2017

The government’s declaration of support for offsite construction methods to help meet house building targets is a “massive opportunity” for the timber frame sector, according to the Structural Timber Association. In October 2016, Communities Secretary Sajid Javid announced the launch of a £3 billion ‘home building fund’. Now Housing Secretary Gavin Barwell has made it clear that the government sees offsite construction as a key route to increasing building capacity and a potential beneficiary of the new funding. The UK timber frame sector accounts for 80% to 90% of offsite construction and hence has a “massive opportunity” to increase housing supply. Forecast housing start increases, coupled with the promotion of construction methods favouring wood, will see greater demand for wood in UK construction, resulting in increased timber prices.

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Norbord’s UK Mill Expansion On Track To Open In Q2 2017 Following A Threefold Increase In Earnings

10 Feb 2017

Norbord, the global wood-based panel producer has reported a threefold EBITDA increase in 2016 to USD 383 million. Demand growth for OSB in the UK and Germany has hit double-digits and is gaining market share versus plywood. Plywood is not manufactured in the UK; nonetheless the country consumes around 1.4 million cubic metres annually, all of it met by imports. The displacement of imported plywood by Scottish produced OSB will directly affect demand for homegrown timber, a positive development for UK forestry owners.

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China Imports Record Levels Of Softwood Sawnwood In 2016 And Increases Timber Prices

9 Feb 2017

After a pause for breath in 2015, China is once again demanding more wood, with record-high volumes of softwood sawnwood imported in 2016 and softwood log imports reaching their second highest level on record. Import volumes of both logs and sawnwood were up 20% in 4Q 2016 compared to 4Q 2015.

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Norbord boosts earnings in 2016

3 Feb 2017

Panel production giant Norbord has reported 2016 adjusted earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) of $383m – a more than threefold increase over 2015.


Scottish government unveils plan to source half of energy from renewables by 2030

26 Jan 2017

The Scottish government has this week unveiled ambitious new plans to source half the country's energy, including energy for heat and transport, from renewable sources by 2030. The draft Scottish...

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There’s going to be more trees in Scotland: Government reveal plans to up its planting targets

21 Jan 2017

The Scottish Government has revealed plans to increase its annual tree planting target from 10,000 hectares to 15,000 hectares by 2025 – an increase from around 22 million to 33 million trees every year.

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Time to Buy Trees

20 Jan 2017

Douglas Donnell, timberland asset executive at U.S. Trust, is bullish on trees. They’re an inflation hedge uncorrelated to either stocks of bonds, he says, and a smart investment to consider as we possibly head into a deflation-to-inflation environment.

Robust Market Demand is Leading to UK Log Price Rises as the Cost of Imported Sawn Timber Goes Up

18 Jan 2017

Robust market demand is leading to UK log price rises, as the cost of imported sawn timber goes up and UK residential construction activity increases. UK sawlog prices rose sharply last year, being £7 per cubic metre higher in the third quarter than they were in the second. The average coniferous sawlog price was £44.19 per cubic metre in September 2016 according to published figures from the Forestry Commission. The outlook for log prices paid to private owners is strongly positive as supply reductions are coupled with increased demand.

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How To Move Sustainable Investing Into The Spotlight

18 Jan 2017

I am new to the world of sustainable investments. For the last 25 years, before joining the Climate Trust, my career was centered almost exclusively on timberland investing. The corollaries between sustainable and timberland investing may not be apparent at first, but U.S. timberland investing is based almost entirely on sustainable forestry. In fact, most U.S. timberland companies manage their assets under either the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) criteria.

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Conifers show strength of Scotland’s forestry industry

13 Jan 2017

Scotland’s conifer forests are the biggest in the UK, with more than a million hectares of conifer woodland across the country.

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Seeing the wood for the trees

9 Jan 2017

Analysis: Whether investing in the UK or overseas, forestry and timberland can be an attractive addition to a pension fund portfolio. So what should trustees be aware of before branching out into this asset class?

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EU green light for Drax 3

19 Dec 2016

The European Commission has approved Drax’s plan to fully power a third generating unit of its Yorkshire facility with sustainable biomass. Drax said it will now complete the upgrade of the third of its six units to run on wood pellets, a project that started in July 2015.

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UK’s Southwark pension fund to shed fossil fuel investments

14 Dec 2016

The London Borough of Southwark Pension Fund has become the second fund in the UK’s Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) to commit to selling off its investments in fossil fuels, following an announcement yesterday.