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Demand Drives Price Increases

8 Apr 2014

The perfect storm drives unprecedented demand for timber driving up prices through the supply chain.

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Deputy Prime Minister’s brother changes fortunes of a struggling timber firm

29 Mar 2014

Paul Clegg has turned Accsys into the global shop window for acetylated wood, finding customers in new markets and shipping wood all over the world.

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An overlooked sector for long-term investors

18 Mar 2014

Merryn Somerset Webb on why is timber is a surprisingly good investment choice for better-off savers.

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The World's Most Advanced Building Material Is... Wood

18 Mar 2014

And it’s going to remake the skyline

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Timberland Values Increase 9.69% In 2013

15 Mar 2014

For 2013, the total return from timberland investments in the NCREIF index was 9.69%, up from 7.76% in 2012.

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Storms affecting timber markets in the UK

10 Mar 2014

Clearance of the widespread damage caused by the storms and flooding in the UK has evidently already generated additional demand for softwood lumber and wood products on the markets there.

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New monitoring platform to 'fundamentally change' how businesses manage forests

24 Feb 2014

A new online monitoring and alert system that encourages better forest management will help tackle deforestation - an issue that poses a "material risk to businesses".

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NZ record timber prices

12 Feb 2014

New Zealand forest growers, long overshadowed by booming returns from the dairy industry, look set to cash in on record prices for logs as they prepare to harvest trees planted in a flurry of activity two decades ago.

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What would independence mean for Scotland's Forestry

9 Feb 2014

What would independence mean for Scotland's Forestry

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Fund Web - Money does grow on trees

4 Feb 2014

Forestry produces a good level of return for sophisticated investors who can afford to wait

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UK timber imports increase dramatically

17 Jan 2014

The full scale of the unexpected and dramatic turnaround in UK timber product imports has been laid out in the Timber Trade Federation’s (TTF) latest statistics bulletin.

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Timberland’s Towering Potential

13 Dec 2013

In times of inflationary peril, hard assets have been shown to outperform in bubble after bubble. Real estate in particular has always been an extremely effective inflation hedge, given that there is limited supply and nearly constant upward pressure on prices over the long-term thanks to population growth.

Autumn Statement 2013: Families will pay an extra £3bn inheritance tax by 2018

5 Dec 2013

Updated figures published with the Autumn Statement show a sharp rise in anticipated death duty revenues, while new measures will make the tax harder to avoid

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BSW Timber welcomes Welsh Minister to Newbridge sawmill

29 Nov 2013

The Minister’s visit yesterday marked the latest phase of a multi-million investment programme for the mill. During the past five years, BSW has invested more than £6m in the site which has boosted annual timber production to 150,000m3 of sawn timber each year, mainly for the UK’s construction, fencing and landscaping market.

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FIM's Forestry Market Update November 13

28 Nov 2013

FIM's update on the current timber market.

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Savills plc : Most active year yet for Forestry - Savills UPM Tillhill Forest Market Report launches

19 Nov 2013

This year's Forest Market Report, launched jointly by Savills and UPM Tilhill, states that the UK's forest market has never been more active than in the last twelve months, with Scottish sales leading the way and significant growth in Wales