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Survey confirms that consumers prefer printed rather than digital communications

11 Sep 2015

A survey of 500 UK and 1,000 US consumers found that 79% find printed media more relaxing to read and prefer reading in that medium rather than the digital sphere.

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US Housing Starts Increase Rapidly

10 Sep 2015

US housing starts in June 2015 were 26.6% above the June 2014 rate, according to the US Census Bureau.

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Tilhill Forestry Limited Acquired by BSW Timber Group

3 Sep 2015

As of 1 September 2015 Tilhill Forestry has been purchased by BSW.

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FIM appointed management company receives top score in WWF UK timber scorecard

23 Jul 2015

UPM receives a top score in the recently released WWF UK Timber Scorecard. The scorecard assesses more than 100 retailers, manufacturers and traders in the UK for their commitment and performance in responsible forest trade during the years 2013 - 2014. UPM was one of a small number of companies which received the highest score of 3. - See more at:

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Macquarie and MGT partner to build UK’s largest biomass plant

9 Jul 2015

Macquarie has signed an agreement to support MGT Power in the financing of the 299MWe Teesside Renewable Energy Plant, which has received a UK Government-supported contract for difference (CFD).

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Increased Market Confidence

3 Jul 2015

Increased market confidence sees UK and Irish saw millers invest heavily as global demand for timber increases.

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UK Housing Demand

24 Apr 2015

All political parties agree that more housing must be built after the election

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Giant forest for the Ochils

27 Mar 2015

Forestry management firm FIM will be planting a total of 1.3m trees this spring on a redundant 1000 hectare sheep farm which it acquired for a private investor two years ago. More than 50, mainly local, contractors will be employed over the next six months creating the forest.

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Forestry: See the money for the trees

25 Mar 2015

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but this could be missing the point. As some institutional investors have found, the trees themselves are valuable. And they tend to become more valuable over time as they increase in height and volume, making their lumber suitable for a wider array of purposes.

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FIM private client funds the creation of one of the largest forests in recent years.

12 Mar 2015

1.3 million trees are being planted this spring on a redundant 1,000 hectare sheep farm near Stirling.

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UK’s Largest Biomass Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant Opened on Tullis Russell Site

6 Mar 2015

Constructed and operated by one of Europe’s leading renewables’ operators, RWE, the state-of-the-art plant replaces the former 1950’s coal and gas fired CHP power station on the site of premium paper and board manufacturer Tullis Russell. It represents a reduction in fossil fuel related carbon dioxide emissions by around 250,000 tonnes per annum, delivering a major contribution to the UK’s renewable energy generation targets.

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Forestry needs more carrot and less stick

2 Mar 2015

In life, everyone wants to be treated fairly, to be judged objectively on the evidence. The forestry and wood sector is no different. The sector has changed almost beyond recognition from the 1970s and 80s, but that change has gone largely unnoticed.

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World-leading auctions to provide major green electricity boost

26 Feb 2015

World-leading competitive auctions have led to contracts being offered to 27 renewable electricity projects, which together could power 1.4m homes, comparable to the number of households in Wales.

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CFD Auction Allocation Round One

26 Feb 2015

A breakdown of the outcome by technology, year and clearing price

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European pellet demand could increase U.S. forest area

11 Feb 2015

A recently released study led by U.S. Forest Service scientists and published by the Forest Service’s Southern Research Station finds that policies in the European Union and elsewhere requiring the use of renewable and low greenhouse gas-emitting energy are driving demand for wood pellets used to generate bioenergy.

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Will the falling oil price undermine green energy?

30 Jan 2015

Common sense would surely tell you that if you slash the cost of one source of energy, then alternatives look less appealing.