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Timber is a longtime favorite of some of the top investors in the world, including value-investing legend Jeremy Grantham and the Harvard University endowment.

23 Jun 2016

In Grantham’s view, timberland is the single best long-term investment there is. According to his firm’s research, timber has risen steadily in price for 200 years and has returned an average of 6.5% a year during the last century. Looking ahead, his firm predicts a 4.8% return for timber over the next seven years. That compares with a negative 2.3% return for large-cap US stocks (after inflation) over the same period.

Middle Eastern and North African countries imported 10% of globally traded softwood lumber in 2015

15 Jun 2016

Middle Eastern and North African timber consumption increases are positive for UK timber prices

Renewables News

Green really is the new black as Big Oil gets a taste for renewables

21 May 2016

Shell, Total, Statoil, even Exxon - they’re all at it. But are the recent moves into solar and wind power lip service, fashion, or a real shift away from fossil fuels?

Forestry News

UN agricultural agency and European Union step up efforts to combat illegal timber trade

13 May 2016

The United Nations Food and Agriculture (FAO) and the European Union (EU) will step up joint efforts to support tropical timber-producing countries in curbing illegal logging, improving forest governance and promoting the trade of legally sourced timber, under a $30 million funding agreement announced today.

Conceptual plans for an 80 storey 300m high wooden building submitted.

29 Apr 2016

The building would be integrated within the Barbican and would become the second tallest building in London, after the Shard. The current tallest timber building in the world is a 14 storey apartment block in Norway, so these plans are ambitious, but FIM believe that they provide an indication as to future construction trends and increasing demand for timber.

Forestry News

Timber Investing: ‘Green Before Green Was Cool’

25 Apr 2016

This long-term investment can return 8%-10% annually over a period of 10 years, according to U.S. Trust

Renewables News

Ecotricity and Greenpeace on verge of legal challenge against UK nuclear fiasco

22 Apr 2016

Green energy company Ecotricity and environmental group Greenpeace could be readying themselves for a legal challenge against the stricken Hinkley C nuclear power station project. The two organisations have written to the UK and French governments and EDF Energy warning that any further state aid for the project could be illegal. The letter makes clear that both groups would be prepared to challenge any further state funding in the courts.

Renewables News

Low costs will see global wind capacity nearly double in next five years

20 Apr 2016

Global wind power installations will nearly double in the next five years as prices continue to fall and countries develop renewable energy to comply with emissions reduction targets, according to research published in Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) flagship publication.

Renewables News

Brits are sleep-walking into an inheritance tax nightmare

14 Apr 2016

If you've been fortunate enough to accumulate significant wealth during your lifetime, then you still face one major headache: you can’t take it with you.

Legal & General (L&G) commits up to £600m to construction of pre-fabricated houses, using timber, in the UK

13 Apr 2016

L&G has announced that it will invest up to £600m in factories that will make pre-fabricated houses. £55m has already been allocated to the first site near Leeds, which will make 3,000 houses annually.

Massive rise in the use of Wood Pellets in the UK

13 Apr 2016

The volume of pellets used in the UK during 2014-15 increased by 69% from the previous year, to over 5 million tonnes.

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Housing associations merge with 100,000-home plan

6 Apr 2016

Three housing associations are set to merge, creating one of the largest house builders in the country with plans to build around 100,000 homes across London and the South East.

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We don't need foreign money to keep Britain's lights on

1 Apr 2016

I keep my head down if conversation turns to wind farms. They are awesome. I love them. I would be happy to have a turbine in my back garden. A recent Panorama programme stunned me. About 9,000 people died of cold in 2015. Five million live in fuel poverty today, including one in 10 pensioners and a million working families, with a further two million skipping meals to pay for fuel. Those in arrears have prepayment meters forced on them, the very most expensive way to pay for energy.

Forestry News

BSW Timber invests £3.6m in UK's fencing market

29 Mar 2016

BSW Timber has invested more than £3.6m in a major drive to capitalise on opportunities provided by the fast-growing UK fencing market.

Renewables News

Longannet power station closes ending coal power use in Scotland

24 Mar 2016

The biggest plant of its kind in Britain has been generating electricity for 46 years, with closure marking ‘end of an era’ for coal power in Scotland

Renewables News

Harburnhead Wind Farm reaches Financial Close

24 Mar 2016

West Lothian renewables project secures £70m funding from Barclays and MUFG’s banking arm, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ