UK Achieves In Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions


UK out performs the rest of the G7 in reducing greenhouse gas emissions whilst increasing GDP

It is pleasing to see that the UK has led the rest of the G7 in reducing GHG emissions under the UN’s Climate Convention without compromising economic growth, according to a recently published report by ‘Energy and Climate intelligence Unit’, Conscious Decoupling, April 2017.

The UK’s per capita GHG emissions were 33% down on 1992 figures when the convention was signed at the Rio Earth Summit. Whilst over the same period per capita GDP has increased by over 130%, putting the UK at the top of the G7 league table.

Policies implemented to reduce harmful emissions appear to be working, with global carbon emissions having plateaued for three consecutive years, despite the global economy having grown by over 8%, suggesting decarbonisation does not lead to economic suicide.

However, now is not the time to be complacent as the forecast for reducing emissions is not yet sufficient to meet the objective of the Paris Agreement.

With President Trump looking to do a U-turn on cutting US emissions and the doubt over Brexit, the future is uncertain.  What is certain is that we must not squander the opportunity to reduce climate change for the sake of future generations.